Hi again!

Nice to meet you. My name is Vasco, I am from Portugal, and at my core, I am a software engineer. I have graduated from Minho University with a Master’s Degree in Computing Engineering.

Besides coding, I love to teach and tutor, and, while attending the University, I was invited to teach several UCs such as Semantic Interoperability, Computing Laboratories, and Mobile Development with cross-platform frameworks. During classes, I always tried to break the wheel and teach new concepts and technologies whenever I could.

In terms of the Software Engineer, I have been coding and developing technological solutions for the past 8 years, either through Research Grants e.g. UM and Bosch, as well as consultant and freelancer for several companies and Healthcare Organizations.

Currently, I am shifting my focus to a full-time freelancer, increase my digital presence in the awesome software developer community spread across the internet, and collaborating with the open-source ecosystem.

Ready to start working together?

Hit me up and let’s chat now.

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