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11 Aug 2020

3 min read



How to still use Crawlers in Client-Side Websites.

Introduction In this post, I will describe a solution that I built for an already existing React Client-Side platform, in which people wanted to be able to share specific content on their feeds. This publication is useful for developers: have an already built a Client-Side Website (doesn't need to be solely React) want to understand how we can interact with different crawlers. Technologies used: VPS where the project was hosted Nginx; ExpressJS (It doesn't matter what you are using). ReactJS…

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4 Aug 2020

2 min read



How to easily add HTTPS to your Server for free!

Long gone are the days where if you wanted to have https, you had to pay out at least more 10$ for a certificate. Nowadays, if for any reason you are hosting a website or an API in your Virtual Private Server on AWS, DigitalOcean, and any other VPS Hosting; most likely you got a Linux distribution with a basic configuration and no SSL. Luckily, now we have Let's Encrypt Me! 🥳 In this publication, I will: succinctly explain what is SSL, TLS. Explain how you can create your digital cert and…

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22 Jul 2020

5 min read



Simplify the development of your Portfolio Website

Hey everyone! 👋 This is my first post ever and I know that this is just another drop in the ocean of guides in "how to build your own webpage/portfolio". Nevertheless, I hope that I can shed a different light and approach in the planning of your portfolio. This is also for me a first step in giving back to the dev community, the help and guidance I have received so far. Context Over the last month, I have built my personal website and tried to keep it simple but aesthetically pleasing. During…

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1 Jul 2020

1 min read



My first post

Hmm ok..🤔 This is my first blog. Up until 5 minute ago, I was probably on the same place as you are now. Contemplating if I should start blogging while having the imagination to come up with 10 different excuses and procastination techniques to why I shouldn't pick up a pen (keyboard in this case). Besides writing code, I always loved to scribble and delve a bit into creative writing. Well the itch for writing has gotten bigger and I finally made my mind and decided to write this blog post…

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