My first post

1 July 2020

Hmm ok..🤔

This is my first blog. Up until 5 minute ago, I was probably on the same place as you are now. Contemplating if I should start blogging while having the imagination to come up with 10 different excuses and procastination techniques to why I shouldn't pick up a pen (keyboard in this case).

Besides writing code, I always loved to scribble and delve a bit into creative writing.

Well the itch for writing has gotten bigger and I finally made my mind and decided to write this blog post, thus setting the motto for the next chapter of my life.

Moving on with all this rambling, what to expect from here on out?

I have always been interested in learning and grasping new concepts whenever I can. Not only to teach but also to improve myself as a software developer. Deconstructing complex subjects and topics into small blocks of comprehensible information is a challenge for me that I gladly love to take and pursuit.

With this in mind, you can expect from this series of posts:

  • Explanation and deconstruction of technologies,algorithms, databases, frameworks, development patterns, etcetera.
  • Different approaches in how to solve and deal with obstacles during software development; (gonna share some funny stories);
  • Tutorials in how to build web and mobile applications;
  • VPS Configurations;

My posts will be mainly oriented to web development, but not restricted to it.

My first series will focus on the building of this website/portfolio. From the platforms and technologies used to SEO optimization. I will document every step taken in order to provide the necessary ammount of information to bootstrap similar projects.

In the same way that I was helped in the past by many fellow developers, Stack Overflow threads, etcetera. I hope that, to a certain extent, I can also contribute to enlight and light someone's day!

Don't hesitate to chat with me through Twitter!

See you around 👋

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